The GLS System

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Capacity 5 Tons per Hour
Dimensions (Length-Width-Height) 22' x 22' x 13'
Weight 14,000 LBS
Electrical Supply (standard) 480/460/208 VAC
Motors (2) 30 HP (1) 2 HP(2) 3 HP
In-Feed Converyor 30" x 16'
Converyor/Trommel 24" x 18'
Trommel 12' x 4' x 8'
  • Crushes windshields into manageable pieces
  • Separates the PVB laminate from the glass
  • Turns the windshields into a useable aggregate

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Several Of Our Systems Can Be Converted Into Portable Units! This Has Become A Great Way For Counties And Smaller Businesses To Share The Use And Cost Of One Machine!

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